Travolution Generations

Travolution Generations

Travolution Generations is a major project looking at how different consumer age groups interact with travel brands on the internet.

The September 2007 edition of our magazine will be given over to the project and will include an AOL UK-backed, three-part piece of research, including:

  • Quantative survey of 2,000 consumers
  • Focus groups
  • Eye-tracking study

Other features include:

  • 100 Ways to Target Generations Online
  • Online travel buying diaries
  • Designing websites for generations
  • Online advertising to different age groups

The issue will be available from 19 September.

  • Any editorial enquiries contact editor Kevin May on 020 8652 3813 or email.
  • For sponsorship and advertising opportunities contact Charlotte Davies on 020 8652 3860 or email.

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