WTM 2016: Modern devices can bring instant results with video

WTM 2016: Modern devices can bring instant results with video

Widely available consumer technologies like Go-Pro cameras, drones and smartphones produce good enough quality video for brands to create impactful marketing content, delegates at World Travel Market were told.

Sam Matthews, chief technology officer at Gosh Digital, told a session on vloggers and YouTube that gone are the days of weeks-long production and editing cycles.

“You need to do it on the same day – edit and distribute it out on the day it was filmed – not in four to five weeks. Technology is making it possible to shoot great video everywhere really easily.”

However, Matthews cautioned: “The tools do not make you Steven Spielberg. Keep it simple at first, do not use all the effects that are there. Think about the story, look at what makes video different from stills. Do not think about the software first, it’s about the message, the communication, the story.”

Matthews said timing and a sense of instancy was important as was understanding the audience you are targeting although this was difficult to engineer into a process. However, the results can be impressive with one video Gosh produced for Hertz at Brighton gay pride generating 26,000 views within the first hour “because it was the first thing out there”.

Mathews said YouTube was a powerful platform although many brands are wary of not having control over the advertising that appears around their content and prefer to use channels like Vimeo and Brightcove where they have control.

Partnering with professional vloggers is a way of reaching the right audience and video on Facebook is becoming much more important, added Mathews.

And measuring the level of impact and engagement with the video is vital if the case is to be made to do more.

Vloggers told the session they post regularly on YouTube and use analytics tools like Tubular to get insight into when their target audience is likely to be most receptive to a new post.

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