Thomson to showcase St Lucia’s in 360 video

Thomson to showcase St Lucia’s in 360 video

Thomson is to showcase St Lucia’s jungle zip-line in its first 360 video creative advertising campaign.

The operator recently announced summer and winter holidays to St Lucia and is working with independent ad server Flashtalking to create the advert, where video responds in real time to mobile phone movements.

The zip-line footage allows users to look around the jungle as they accelerate through the forest canopy.

The 360 video footage sits within the expand of the ad, loading on user interaction and only playing once fully loaded – offering the best user experience.

The launch, which integrates 360 video into mobile and display advertising formats, highlights the operator’s emerging leadership in Virtual Reality 360 content.

Thomson digital marketing general manager Christian Armond said: “We have seen a shift in the way customers research and book their holidays and our partnership with Flashtalking on 360 videos is another example of our commitment to strengthen our content to serve incredible engaging destination content to our customers.

“Flashtalking has devised a way for us to test the impact of 360 content compared to standard video in a truly mobile-first format.”

Flashtalking UK country director Martin Pavey said: “This execution is a powerful example of how a travel and tourism brand can put video technology to work to drive deeper engagement.”

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