‘Mobile is revolutionising the travel sector’ says travel guide platform

‘Mobile is revolutionising the travel sector’ says travel guide platform

Two new bespoke travel guides – for the Dutch Embassy in the UK and annual arts festival Spain NOW – have been created by travel recommendations platform Pearlshare.

Pearlshare says it is capitalising on the the growing mobile market, which it expects to overtake desktop surfing in “a matter of years”

Sixty per cent of pre-trip research is done via mobile, Pearlshare says, and added 90% of in-destination information is accessed on smart phones.

Its latest ventures are promoting contemporary and historic Dutch art in London and London’s Dutch World War Two history to plug cultural initiatives by the Dutch Embassy in the UK.

Pearlshare will also feature annual contemporary art and culture festival Spain NOW with a series of guides to supplement its latest September to December incarnation.

The guides are designed to help users to find Spanish high culture, including art and architecture, in London and beyond. They will also provide tips on where best to enjoy the capital’s Spanish gastronomy.

Pearlshare, a mobile and web-based platform on which experts build and share personalised local travel guides, says mobile is “revolutionising the travel sector”.

It encourages users to share guides on social media before, during and after trips, to creating opportunities for on-going conversations and to drive more bookings. Customers are encouraged to contribute their own recommendations, posting comments and photos.

Recommendations from trusted sources, research by Nielsen suggests, are five times more likely to inspire action than paid media impressions.

Chief operating officer James O’Day, who co-founded the company with Michael Liebreich and Oliver Brooks, said: “We feel this is a new and progressive way to promote locations and attractions to those engaged with London’s diverse culture – by providing truly useful and trusted travel information for people to engage with around the city.”

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