British Airways hosts first conference on ‘game changing’ NDC

British Airways hosts first conference on ‘game changing’ NDC

British Airways hosted its first conference on New Distribution Capability (NDC) as it looks to drive the new standard set up by Iata.

Around 200 travel professionals representing corporate clients, travel partners, aggregators and GDSs attended.

Iata says the standard will help the travel industry communicate in the same language, drive revenue and better understand the products available to the traveller.

There were speakers from BA and Iata as well as partners Travelfusion, Travelport, Sabre, Skyscanner and Fareportal.

Adam Daniels, British Airways’ chief commercial officer, said: “We really believe that NDC is a game-changer and we think it’s critical that open discussions are had across the industry. Our distribution and sales teams have been out and engaging with as many travel experts as possible, seeking their views and developing our approach to NDC with that feedback in mind. We feel that there is far more engagement, understanding and excitement about NDC now and what it can deliver for all our businesses, and the conference reinforced that.

“The speakers gave important insights in to how NDC works for their businesses and how they see it evolving. It is still in its infancy but the great thing is that it can be adopted and adapted by each individual business to suit their model.”

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