‘Commuter watch’ and ‘Day in the Life’ apps created by travel tech firm

‘Commuter watch’ and ‘Day in the Life’ apps created by travel tech firm

Developers at a travel technology company focused on rail have been designing new apps, two of which will be showcased online.

SilverRail has put two of its flagship prototypes – the ‘A Day in the Life’ transport data app and the Commuter Watch app – on its website.

‘A Day in the Life’ is a collection of data, including more than a billion journey searches around the world, which has been put into an animation using time-lapse technology.

day int he life

It’s two trial locations include public transport in Wales and New Zealand.

Viewers watch the maps wake up, go to work, and return home, as the data measures  ground transportation volume, flow and direction using graphics.

It hopes to offer data-driven insights to transit and city planners, changing the way they identify bottlenecks, identify current and future trends in traffic flows and present opportunities for improvements such as new routes, increased frequency of services and traffic re-direction.

It’s Commuter Watch uses real-time data to tell travellers about departure times, platform details, delay notifications and journey fixes via push notifications.

commuter watch

It works across trains, buses, subways, bicycles, ferries and other transport modes.

Conor O’Mahony, chief product officer at SilverRail said: “The team here is bursting with new, fresh, and innovative ideas.  Core to our philosophy at SilverRail is to encourage and nurture such innovation, encouraging lean business principles, which foster discovery and success.

“SilverRail Labs provides an ideal outlet to test these ideas, with the objective to make ground transportation travel as seamless as possible. SilverRail Labs plays an important part in fulfilling this aim by sharing concepts openly and in the hope of driving the industry forward, and spurring further innovation.

“We are proud to share our first two projects on our website, both of which we believe have the potential to be game-changers in our quest for seamless mobility.”

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