GTMC welcomes airfare marketplace Mystifly as partner

GTMC welcomes airfare marketplace Mystifly as partner

Travel management company the GTMC has welcomed Bangalore-based aggregation firm Mystifly as a partner.

Mystifly, a global airfare marketplace, has been trading in the UK for five years and introduced global air ticketing platform MyFareBox in 2012 – which has given thousands of users the chance to compare air fares from over 900 airlines, multiple global distribution systems and over 170 low-cost carriers.

The partnership comes ahead of the GTMC’s annual conference next month.

Mystifly’s hopes its planned March launch of its Azygos system – a platform which optimises corporate air travel procurement and allows management of agent activity – will be boosted by the new agreement with the GTMC.

Paul Wait, chief executive of the GTMC, said: “Knowing that its online booking platforms work well for travel organisations of all sizes, we are delighted to welcome Mystifly to the fold.”

Norman Gage, vice president of sales and marketing, Europe for MyFareBox, added: “As we plan to roll out our newest travel offering across the UK, it makes sense for us to boost our profile amongst the GTMC’s unrivalled network of travel management companies, suppliers and key industry stakeholders who could benefit from our newest product development.”

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