New tool to book flights from Heathrow via Facebook

New tool to book flights from Heathrow via Facebook

London Heathrow is the first airport in the world to use a flight aggregator tool through Facebook.

The UK’s hub airport has teamed up with Skyscanner to produce Go Heathrow, which lets people search and book their Heathrow flights directly from social media.

Holidaymakers can browse by number of passengers, date, seat class and length of stay and search by destination on existing offers.

It brings together 180 destinations across 85 countries which can be flown to via Heathrow and intends to ensure customers get the most competitive prices for their flights.

Heathrow’s head of passenger communications Marc Ellams said: “We are excited to be launching this new technology which gives Heathrow passengers a useful and innovative tool for getting the best fares and journey plan that suits their individual needs.

“This new technology aims to make planning the next adventure as simple as possible, bringing the world to our customer’s fingertips.”

Mike Ferguson, senior commercial manager for Skyscanner added: “This is the first time Skyscanner has partnered with an airport to build a travel search tool within their own social media profile, and I believe this inventive travel search mechanism represents an exciting new way for travellers to engage with Heathrow and find their next holiday all within their Facebook feed.”

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