Hotels group to track every website click in bid to drive direct bookings

Hotels group to track every website click in bid to drive direct bookings

London hotel group glh Hotels hopes to increase direct bookings and loyalty by tracking every click a customer makes on its websites.

The group has now partnered with digital performance agency Found to counteract the online travel agents.

Research has found that hotels have, on average, 20 interactions – or ‘touchpoints’ – with customers and that by recording each of those glh hopes to find out where and when to target its marketing strategy.

Glh, which has more than 5,000 hotel rooms across London, says its “customer-centric” approach is “moving beyond the more obvious means of marketing”.

Jeff Baars, marketing director at glh Hotels, said: “Whilst the rest of the industry is rushing to take away decision-making from hotels, we have put the entrepreneurial edge back into each individual hotel.  With this approach very clearly reaping dividends for us, it made sense for us to bring this different way of thinking to our marketing activity.

“Our ambition is to become the world’s best-managed hospitality company, delivering the best guest-centred experience in the industry.  Found’s extensive experience of the online travel sector, as well as its knowledge of how to ingeniously utilise every one of our digital touchpoints, will undoubtedly help us to achieve this.”

Tina Judic, managing director of Found, added: “Glh Hotels are a refreshing player in the hotel arena. They have been busy upgrading their properties as well as developing new and innovative approaches to hotel management, and in particular what has always been a pretty mundane task of choosing and staying in a hotel.”

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