Flybe chooses airRM software to enhance revenue management capability

Flybe is to utilise daily data capture to help it identify sales opportunities and maximise passenger revenues.

The regional airline has selected a system developed by Revenue Management Systems to enhance its revenue management software.

The airRM software allows airlines to closely control pricing and analyse performance. The new system will provide revenue management, inventory control and reporting tools.

Flybe revenue management director Ronnie Matheson said: “The selection of airRM will significantly enhance Flybe’s revenue management capability by providing us with the necessary data-driven insights into booking behaviour and will enable effective forecasting of passenger demand.

“In addition airRM offers a superb reporting suite, which will enable us to incorporate critical data and intelligence into the revenue management process, such as ancillary and look-to-book data.”

RMS sales and support director EMEA Martin Gibbings added: “With hundreds of departures per day, airRM will allow Flybe to not only select the best optimisation method suited to each flight but also quickly understand daily booking trends by flight.

“Daily data capture information will enable the team to quickly react to changes in demand allowing for large scale optimisations to hundreds of flights simultaneously, while also providing full data on the sales curves for all flights, for every capture date, for all flight life cycles.”

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