Otravo renews partnership with Travelport

Otravo, the online travel agency behind Dutch brands Vliegtickets.nl and World Ticket Center, has renewed a long-term deal with Travelport.

Otravo deploys the technology company’s travel commerce platform, including its distribution and payment solutions.

Travelport aggregates travel content, giving Otravo real-time access to the most relevant choices to target different customer groups with specific travel offers through its online brands..

Otravo chief executive and co-owner Phillippe de Knijff said: “Relevant content is the cornerstone of our company.

“The travel industry has become more and more complex and less transparent for our customers. We aim to show them all the relevant travel options that match their search.

“Travelport helps us to gather content and to present this in a clear way to our customers. Furthermore, it is crucial for us to be able to trust the system and technology that is working in the background.”

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