Directflights unveils data-driven flight quality scoring system

Travellers are being given the ability to compare flight prices and schedules together with value-added flight amenities on metasearch site

The company has partnered with developer Calasi to launch SmartScore which aggregates data from six categories – price, schedule, comfort, in-flight entertainment, on-board Wi-Fi and fuel economy.

These categories are calculated to create a single data point that rates the overall quality of each flight.

SmartScore is seamlessly integrated as an icon on the website.

Its varying colour and numeric value are designed to make it easy to spot the best flight options at a glance.

Clicking on SmartScore reveals detailed information on amenities and fuel economy, thereby allowing travellers to select the flight that best matches their specific needs. managing director Rob Stross said: “Whist delivering the best price as a meta search site is critical, we also recognise the need to look at the added value elements essential when booking a flight.

“This is exactly what our users are looking for and the partnership with Calasi allows us to deliver this seamlessly.

“If you’re 6 foot four and travelling long-haul, a few pounds extra is a small price to pay for more legroom. The new SmartScore function allows you to pick and choose accordingly.”

Dirk Aguilar, Calasi’s president and co-founder added: “Leisure travellers prefer watching films over reading an in-flight magazine. And business travellers readily catch up with email when wi-fi is available.

“Through our partnership with we are presenting such valuable information to travellers at a time when they are still planning their trips. In doing so, we are enabling informed decisions and dramatically improving the travel experience.”

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