DataArt delivers automation to Triometric’s performance monitoring platform

Technology development outsourcing specialist DataArt has completed its first project for travel analytics firm Triometric.

The project has helped Triometric streamline its offering by introducing greater automation to the process of health checking its performance monitoring and business analytics platform.

DataArt built a customised real-time operational dashboard that gives the Triometric customer services team an easy-to-read ‘traffic light’ alert system into an array of performance, availability and capacity indicators.

Triometric chief executive Matthew Goulden said: “Our growing client base depends on Triometric’s analytics platform for their real-time business insight and strong operational performance is key to our ability to deliver on that.

“By automating monitoring functions we have strengthened the support we give our customers as they track and filter increasingly vast swathes of data.”

DataArt European vice president of travel and hospitality Charlotte Lamp-Davies said: “Triometric is leading the industry in helping its clients manage the strategic use of Big Data.

“In such a fast-moving market, where operational performance can make or break a business’ ability to compete, this project not only improves their back-end processes, but gives Triometric the tools they need to exceed their customer expectations in terms of service delivery.”

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