Sabre developer portal aims to ‘accelerate software solutions’

Sabre developer portal aims to ‘accelerate software solutions’

Sabre is moving to make travel more personalised and easily accessible to consumers through new travel apps and services provided by travel suppliers, travel agencies, online travel sites, and social sites.

A new development portal – Sabre Dev Studio – enables travel companies to access more than 150 application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as testing tools, documentation, prototypes and sample code.

New travel services and APIs are designed to allow developers to integrate travel into their applications.

The company is also introducing several mobile-friendly, sub-second response time shopping and intelligence APIs that developers can use to build new search capabilities for travel.

The initiatives are aimed at supporting a commitment to helping airline, hotel, and travel agencies identify new revenue opportunities, and deliver differentiated services.

Sabre Travel Network president Greg Webb said: “At $6.6 trillion, travel and tourism is one of the largest sectors of the global economy, and it is expected to grow over 4% in 2014.

“Sabre Dev Studio will unlock potential for developers to accelerate software solutions in the areas of mobility, personalisation and data analytics – all of which ultimately will result in innovation that will benefit the whole industry.”

Examples of the new travel services include six-month calendar shopping, shopping across hundreds of alternate airports, and shopping by budget or theme.

The new services allow developers to experiment with different APIs and create prototypes, significantly reducing development cycles and time-to-market, Sabre claims.

The APIs available through Sabre Dev Studio for consumers will result in new ways to shop for travel, enabling apps to answer questions like, “Where can I fly for $500?,” “What beach destinations have the best fares in August?,” and “When is the best time to buy my tickets?”.

Webb added: “Travellers want more personalisation. They want to shop for travel in new ways and in the places they choose, whether at travel agencies, online travel sites, search engines, or social sites.

“Travellers want to be inspired and they want the experience to be easy and intuitive. Sabre Dev Studio makes this possible by stimulating innovation, resulting in great experiences for travelers and new revenue streams for travel suppliers, developers, agencies, and online travel and social sites.”

Sabre will be hosting a global ‘hack-a-thon’ event in late July to provide developers inside and outside of the travel industry the opportunity to showcase their talents and ideas across a series of company-sponsored challenges using Sabre Dev Studio.

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