TripAdvisor starts member messaging

TripAdvisor is to take further in-roads into social networking by introducing a private messaging system for members to communicate with one another

The development of the tool, which allows users to send secure messages to other registered users, is the latest in a line of projects being launched during 2007.

The new messaging system coincides with the appointment of Nathan Clapton to the newly created position of director of brand distribution.

Clapton, who has held senior positions including commercial director and business development manager at Lonely Planet, will be based in London alongside European managing director Marc Charron.

The new post has been created to push the TripAdvisor brand to partners in travel and other sectors, including media companies.

Clapton has also worked for the BBC and the Guardian Media Group.

Senior vice-president of marketing, Christine Petersen, said: “The tens of millions of travellers who use TripAdvisor every month have built a wealth of knowledge that can answer essentially every travel question there is, and that content can be a valuable asset for virtually any travel provider.”

“Nathan has tremendous experience in the travel industry, particularly in content distribution, that will enable him to rapidly begin the process of putting TripAdvisor information wherever a traveller can use it.“

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