Amadeus integrates currency and pricing solution into platform

Amadeus integrates currency and pricing solution into platform

A new multi-currency payments module is being integrated into the Amadeus Payment Platform.

The solution will feature dynamic currency conversion and multi-currency pricing options and will be aimed at airlines, travel agencies, hotels, operators, cruise lines and railways worldwide in the online, face to face and call centre sales channels.

It will allow travel merchants to make a ‘push-offer’ to travellers in order to select their home currency with which to settle the payment in.

Merchants will also have the ability to derive a new revenue stream through the automated management of cross-currency payments.

Business travellers will be able to save costs and time and when preparing their expense reports, Amadeus claims.

The service will be supported globally by Amadeus together with Continuum Commerce Solutions and foreign exchange provider RBS FXmicropay.

Head of Amadeus travel payments Celia Pereiro said: “Our multi-currency pricing and dynamic currency conversion solution will offer key benefits to both traveller and travel merchant.

“It is very important to allow travellers to decide how to organise their finance and to provide them with the right tools to achieve it without increasing the travel cost.”

Jeremy Smart, RBS global head of electronic distribution and co-head of currencies & local market sales EMEA, said: “The travel sector is increasingly demanding innovative tools to meet the requirements of the international marketplace.

“The partnership with Amadeus travel payments capitalises on the long-standing banking relationship between RBS and Amadeus and will naturally leverage the strengths of RBS in foreign exchange and Amadeus in travel services.”

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