Dot-travel provider insists Google rank is working

Dot-travel domain provider Tralliance has defended how its sites are featured on search engines after it emerged a number of websites appear not be receiving a Google ranking.

Tour operator Uncover the World, which bought a number of dot-travel sites following the domain system’s launch in 2005, has scrapped two its other dot-travel domains, featuring sites for Egypt and Nepal, and revert to dot-coms.

TourCMS, a technology provider which runs various systems for Uncover the World, subsequently highlighted how a string of dot-travel sites have not been given a page ranking on Google.

The Tralliance site itself,, does also not currently have a page rank, according to on-screen displays within internet browsers.

Uncover the World director, Ralph Foulds, said: “We expected that having a dot travel domain name would actually improve your positioning in search results on travel related search terms, because of the increased relevance and importance the dot travel domain name was supposed to supply.

“Hopefully it will eventually, but not working properly with Google can’t help.”

Tralliance president Ron Andruff admitted there have been some difficulties with how Google handled the new dot-travel and other top level domains, but the problems were understood to have been resolved with both Google and Yahoo! in the summer of 2006.

“Page ranking on Google, Yahoo or any of the other search engines is built on systems of reputation and that takes time to build up and grow,” Andruff said.

“For this reason, the dot-travel registry is constantly encouraging registrants to activate their domains right away, rather than ‘park’ them, or ‘point’ them at their existing domains.

“We recommend that registrants establish their dot-travel domains on separate IP addresses, with their own content to maximize their organic search engine rankings.”

Google has assured Tralliance dot-travel domain names are being ranked and indexed in the same way as other top-level domains, Andruff said.

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