HotelTonight booking app adds Germany and Switzerland

Mobile last minute hotel booking application HotelTonight has expanded to Germany and Switzerland with hotels in Berlin, Munich, Zurich and Geneva.

The expansion comes as the company, established in January 2011, exceeded the four million download mark.

HotelTonight now covers 80 destinations in 10 countries with the German content to include Hamburg from next month.

The company has raised more than $35 million in funding since its launch as it establishes itself as a leader in mobile travel technology.

Co-founder and CEO Sam Shank said: “Mobile technology has revolutionised the way we plan our lives, totally shifting our mindset and approach to travel.

“We are no longer tied to pre-planned itineraries, but empowered to make spontaneous decisions about where to go and for how long.

HotelTonight was the first to respond to this rapidly growing market, shaping last-minute travel initially in North America and now globally.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the quality of our European hotel partners and the value that they’ll provide at the last minute.”

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