launches to take the guesswork out of holiday villa search launches to take the guesswork out of holiday villa search has launched, taking popular board game Guess Who as its inspiration as it tries to emulate the high street agency experience online.

The independent villa holiday specialist claims it has adopted a different approach to most other large travel company websites.

Pinadays, as its name suggests, looks to exploit the Pinterest phenomena of people pinning images of interest onto a personal virtual pinboard.

However, this is a reversal of that function with users given a range of images of properties up front and then asked to rule out ones which do not match their criteria.

The site asks users to filter its choice of properties by clicking on icons at the top of the home page that either add in or take away properties with certain attributes.

Once the required type of property is set they can then perform a similar function based on the price they are looking to pay. claims it has “produced a shining alternative to the drudgery of current holiday websites” which is designed to mimic what happens in real world travel agents,

“I’m amazed that travel websites ignore such a large portion of their customers. They should be allowed to search their way and not be dictated to by a close minded website.’ Jason Pullen of

“ allows you to include and exclude holiday home features, locations, regions and holiday type, across a multi location search. It is perfect for the holiday maker who knows what they don’t want as much as what they do.

“Our site is unique, what do you see on most travel websites? A homepage which has little relevance to your holiday and the words ‘where do you want to go?’. What happens if your customer answers ‘I don’t know’, what then? That’s why is so revolutionary.”

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