Teletext Holidays kicks off peak booking campaign

Teletext Holidays is highlighting clear and honest pricing in its January peak booking period marketing campaign

The ‘real holidays, real prices’ campaign kicks off on Monday (January 7) running across online and print media titles.

A newly-created character, ‘Consumer Champion Barry’, will appear in the adverts and on Teletext Holidays’ website. He will appear on every holiday page to help people understand what’s included in the price and any additional charges they might be expected to pay.

The move is intended to demonstrate the company’s strong position on ‘compliance’, for which it has a specialist team to police all advertisers to ensure prices are accurate and available for people to actually book.

All holiday companies advertising on Teletext Holidays guarantee that compulsory extra charges, such as admin and check-in fees, are included in the bottom line price.

Teletext Holidays’ managing director Victoria Sanders said the company has been working in consultation with governing bodies including the Civil Aviation Authority, Abta and the Advertising Standards Authority.

She said: “Our position on compliance is, and always has been, very firm. We only want prices on our site that customers like the look of and can actually book.

“They are fed up with seeing a price advertised on a site, phoning or clicking to book and finding out that the holiday isn’t available at that price because there are additional charges they have to pay. They end up with a holiday that is far more expensive than they expected.

“There are websites out there advertising misleading deals , with super cheap prices that appear too good to be true, just so they can get people to pick up the phone.”

“That is not acceptable and the industry needs to take a clear stand on this to stamp it out.”

Sanders added: “Our Consumer Champion Barry is a character that enables our compliance department to have a voice.

“This department is unique to Teletext Holidays, and their single task is to check our advertisers’ prices to make sure that they are real and that the holidays are available to buy at the prices displayed.

“Airline charges do change, different times and airports can be different costs, but our suppliers are dedicated to find each of our customers something that matches them perfectly.

“We need people to be able to make a real judgment when they are choosing and buying their holidays so they don’t get caught out on some travel sites that advertise but don’t deliver a lower price – sometimes things are too good to be true.”

Read Teletext Holidays’ report into the true cost of a holiday here.

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