CWTdigital and JTA unveil new cruise dynamic packaging platform

Travel technology specialist CWTdigital has combined its B2B technology with its Click2Cruise platform to create a pioneering cruise dynamic packaging solution, for consolidator JTA.

Agents working with JTA, will be able to create cruise packages – adding flights and pre and post-cruise hotel stays – in one booking journey, on a central platform.

This technology is now available for resale to the wider agent community, with CWTdigital saying it is dedicated to helping more agents achieve better margins in cruise through offering their clients unique packages and superior service.

Dynamic packaging in cruise is in its infancy relative to its land-based equivalent but is becoming more popular among agents who have seen margins sqeezed due to price and commission reductions.

Dan Caplin, CWT managing director, said the commission cut last year to 5% by Complete Cruise Solution (CCS), the trade arm of UK market leader P&O Cruises and Cunard and Princess Cruises, has meant dynamic packaging cruise has become more essential for many agents.

He claimed the platform was the first true dynamic packaging solution to be developed.

“This means agents can book flights, hotels and cruises within one central system rather than having to go into CCS, Amadeus Cruise, etc. You can do it on one web interface. It’s pretty much everything we connect to in one booking journey.

“For agents who are dynamic packaging cruise this means they can obtain higher margin holidays, particularly with the recent commission changes.”

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