Trivago monthly hotel price tracker indicates post-Brexit decline in London

Trivago monthly hotel price tracker indicates post-Brexit decline in London

Latest pricing data released by Trivago has revealed hotel prices have fallen in major UK cities in August.

According to the Trivago monthly Hotel Price Index (tHPI), London saw prices fall 16% compared to July to an average of £143.

Denise Bartlett, UK & Ireland spokeswoman for Trivago, said: “Following Brexit on June 24, London hotel prices changed little between June and July, increasing by an average of £10 – which is normal for the summer season.

“In August, however, they have dropped by an average of £28, now reflecting prices which are more in line with the winter months. Due to the huge number of hotels in London, prices usually remain fairly stable – it is very unusual to see such large price differences, both month-on-month and year-on-year. It will be interesting to see if the downward trend continues in September.”

The only exception to an across-the-board fall in city prices was seen in Edinburgh, which hosted the International and Fringe festivals this month.

The Scottish city saw a 35% increase in hotel prices, from £150 per night in July to £202 in August.

As the Trivago pricing chart shows, London hotel prices are at their lowest since March, 15% down on the August 2015 level, when a hotel room cost an average of £169 per night.

Other major UK cities saw similar monthly falls. Prices in Manchester were down 17% to an average of £104, Brighton is by 15% to £112 and Leeds down 14% to £86.

Compared to the same time last year, prices are still down but the difference is less dramatic.

Hotel prices in York were down by 8% and Liverpool by 5%.

London is the only city with a significant year-on-year decrease in hotel prices.

The rise in prices for Edinburgh made it the most expensive city in the UK for a hotel stay this August.

Bartlett added: “Edinburgh has come under fire in the past for failing to provide affordable accommodation during the festival, which spans the majority of August and annually results in largely inflated hotel prices. An overnight stay can often cost double the amount it would during one of the cheaper, winter months.”


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