Economy Car Hire rebranded as Zest Car Rental with new website

Economy Car Hire rebranded as Zest Car Rental with new website

Independent car hire broker Economy Car Hire has changed its name to Zest Car Rental.

A major part of the re-brand is a new website, designed to be more transparent with clear displays of all mandatory and optional local charges.

To mark the new-look, the company is giving 100,000 existing customers will receive a gift and £10 voucher towards their next booking which can be redeemed within the next six months.

Co-founder Rory Sexton said: “We’ve changed our name to Zest Car Rental to better reflect our fresh, honest approach to car hire. Team Zest is made up of the same experienced and committed staff who will continue to drive the business forward.”

He added: “Customer feedback has been central to the new website’s development.

“We listened to the issues our customers raised about booking car hire. When booking a rental car, customers want all of the essential price information to be available at a glance.

“We show all mandatory car hire extras upfront. This includes additional top-up insurance, fuel policies, security deposit and any extra local charges.

“Prior to launch, we road-tested the site in a state-of-the-art user experience lab with the help of our regular customers. They helped us to address any usability issues and we’re delighted with the finished product.

“The summer survey we recently carried out revealed that two thirds (66.9%) of people travel overseas for a holiday more than twice a year, with a further 18.8% saying they go abroad more than five times a year.

“What’s more, 40.69 % of those surveyed said they hire a car nearly every time they go abroad, so we need to ensure we make the booking process as easy as possible.”

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