Expedia gets personal with new European advertising campaign

Online travel agency Expedia has unveiled its new European advertising campaign as its rolls out its Expedia Everywhere strategy.

The new advertising has been devised by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising and is an integrated, multimedia campaign which will span TV, radio, print, online and social media across Europe.

The first advertisements started to appear in the UK on June 20, and will be rolled out to Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Calling traditional advertising cliché, Expedia said their ads will focus on the people behind the brand.

Each one will highlight the passion for travel that drives the people who work for Expedia, even including cameo appearances from real life Expedia employees in the TV campaigns.

The goal of the campaign is to convince customers that behind Expedia is a diverse team of experienced travel and technology professionals who are all looking to work with customers and create the best tools and solutions for a good holiday.

Andrew Warner, senior marketing director at Expedia, said: “As a market leader, Expedia needs to be leading the industry in all aspects of the travel business.

“We’re seeing huge leaps in innovation across all media but travel advertising has stayed relatively still, focusing on palm trees and price points and customers are looking for change.

“This campaign is the culmination of an extensive pan-European consumer research study, which highlighted that customers are seeking reassurance and a greater level of personal engagement with travel brands.

“We believe that co-creation of new services with consumers is key to the future of travel so this campaign aims to reduce the barriers to engaging with Expedia by creating a more personal relationship with the company and the people who will be making your holiday happen.”

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