PocketVillage travel experience app to offer mobile booking

Travel experience search engine PocketVillage has claimed to be building the first in-resort booking app for activities and excursions.

In an interview at the Travel Distribution Summit Europe 2011, PocketVillage CEO Florian Harkort said the new app will use geolocation to offer consumers exciting travel experiences in their current location.

He said the app would allow holidaymakers to book excursions when they get to a destination rather than spending hours online researching before they travel.

“We want people to be able to fire up the app and immediately see what there is to do around them, then with a few easy taps they can book,” Harkort said.

“We have about 60 different categories from adventure, culture, attractions, museums, all those kinds of things that will all be offered to customers no matter where they are.”

The service currently aggregates travel experiences from more than 30 intermediaries. PocketVillage plans to add more as it goes, but Harkort said he wants to make sure all of the experiences on offer are still unique and exciting.

Pocketvillage is currently rearranging data and working with partners, but hopes to be up and running soon. Harkort said his main goal is to bring some order and efficiency to the process of booking travel experiences. 

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