Travelport renews ties to Saudi Arabian Airlines

Travelport has renewed its partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines.

The two signed a multi-year contract insuring Galileo and Worldspan-connected users will have access to the carrier’s inventory of flights and fares on more than 80 domestic and international routes.

In return, Galileo and Worldspan agents will be guaranteed access to Saudia’s fares and flight inventory, with full booking capabilities.

Saudi Arabian Airlines will begin the new agreement by incorporating the Galileo and Worldspan systems, starting with the addition of Travelport’s ‘inside availability’ technology.

It gives users an enhanced level of connectivity that will ensure Travelport users globally have seamless, real-time access to the airline’s inventory of fares and seat availability.

“As the national carrier of the Middle East’s largest economy and our largest customer base in the region, Saudia remains an important, long-standing partner of Travelport,” said Will Owen Hughes, Travelport’s Senior Director of Airline Services for the Middle East and Africa.

“We believe this content agreement will not only meet the needs of our travel agency customers, but maximise the growth potential of an emerging travel market.”

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