Pegasus Solutions launches hotel metasearch services

Travel software provider Pegasus Solutions has launched a metasearch service to promote direct online booking for hotels.

The program provides information to other metasearch sites but links directly back to the hotel’s home page. That means Pegasus software directs web traffic away from middle men and aggregators, sending it straight to the hotels. 

“Hotels need to be able to reach consumers wherever they choose to shop, whether they prefer to book through an online travel agency or directly with the hotel,” said David Sjolander, vice president of product management, distribution services for Pegasus Solutions.

“Our MSS enables hotels to provide consumers with this choice when they elect to conduct price comparisons using metasearch.”

In beta testing, the program produced a 5:1 return on investment for several major hotel chains, Pegasus claimed.  The program is now available to Pegasus’ 90,000 hotel customers worldwide.

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