Efficient Frontier unveils ‘cross-media’ attribution reports

Search specialist Efficient Frontier has started offering clients attribution reports that include offline marketing activity.

Jonathan Beeston client services director, told a joint Yahoo! Efficient Frontier seminar that the firm was determined to crack the conundrum of cross channel attribution.

It hopes to be able to provide clients with a detailed analysis of the impact of spend in all of its channels to help them attribute their marketing budgets in the most efficient way possible.

Beeston said its “bleeding edge” developments have seen it start offering clients data for offline marketing activity like television, although he conceded this is a bit “manual” at the moment.

“An advertiser has their budget, so how do we model out all the different channels and automatically set budgets, set bids, across different marketing channels and how do we look at the effect of offline channels as well, such as TV,” he said.

“No one can deny that search and TV have a big effect in working together. We are researching into how we can build models on TV as well as combining your SEM [search engine marketing] to work out what the efficient frontier across both channels is.

“Some of the early work is starting to understand how all those online and offline factors work together.”

Beeston said attribution was just one part of the solution and that online advertisers need to combine this with “algorithmic optimisation” to determine the correct marketing mix.

Efficient Frontier is also testing java script tagging to provide data on organic search and will start producing natural search reports in 2011 following three months in Beta.

“You hear a lot of advertisers talk about SEO being free. In fact it takes a lot of resources and effort,” he said.

Efficient Frontier is already working with Omniture and is looking to build API links with other firms as they develop their analytical packages.

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