launches Hotels WithMe Facebook app

A new social networking app has been developed to allow friends, families and colleagues to get together through Facebook and share hotel information.

The aim is to allow groups of people to make a collective decision on the property that best suits their travel needs. The ‘Hotels WithMe’ app enables travellers to search for hotels together with one or more of their Facebook friends.

Friends are invited to join a ‘trip’ from where they can search for hotels together. Members of the ‘trip’ can then view the hotel searches in real time while additional functionality also allows members to vote for the hotels they prefer and write notes about them before adding them to a shortlist.
Once the possibles are narrowed down it automatically updates in real time, so if a room-type becomes unavailable or the price changes, this is shown in the list immediately.

When all members are agreed on the hotel, a click on the ‘book’ button links through to’s booking page. has teamed up with German collaborative online applications company Columbus Internet to launch the Facebook app which includes 120,000 properties.

Columbus Internet chief executive  Andrew Sittermann said: “Hotels WithMe is perfectly adapted for the social-media generation, letting people plan trips together.”



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