Hitwise UK figures show Facebook growth slowdown

Social networking site Facebook could be reaching the end of a period of rapid expansion in the UK, according to a latest assessment by Experian Hitwise.

June Hitwise figures reveal that Facebook accounted for one in six of UK page views, putting it ahead of Google on 16.73%.

Google retained top spot in terms of market share on 9.59%, compared to Facebook’s 7.14% and Hitwise said in its August newsletter it will “continue to do so for the foreseeable future”.

But will 26 million registered UK users Facebook is expected to continue to grow, although the pace of growth is showing signs of slowing.

The Hitwise analysis found market share growth has slowed and the average time spent per session on Facebook has “stabilised” at around half an hour in the last six months.

The report concluded: “The rapid period of the site’s growth is now probably over in the UK, but does that mean Facebook has reached saturation point?”


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