Travel sites lack reach, claims watchdog

Ofcom’s annual look at the UK’s communications market suggests that travel is one of the weakest verticals in terms of reach and usage.

The 380-page report uses proprietary research as well as publicly available material to analyse how Brits use the internet, TV, radio and other communication channels.

The report says that in May, travel websites reached 67% of active users, with the amount of time spent, on average, coming in at just over an hour

Seasonal factors may have an influence on the results, but travel’s poor showing compared with other verticals is surprising. In terms of reach, seven other verticals outperform travel.

‘Search and communities’ have the widest reach at 87%. The other verticals which outreach travel are telecoms and internet, entertainment, news and information, PC & electronics, multi-category commerce and finance.

And when it comes to the amount of time spent on the sites, travel’s sixty minutes is matched by finance, home and fashion and family and lifestyles.

In contrast, Ofcom found out that Facebook users in the UK spent an average of six and a half hours on the site in May.

The detailed report is available, free of charge, on the Ofcom web site.

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