Travel WithMe group trip planner launches

A real-time multi-user trip-planning application offering live hotel and hostel bookings has gone live.

Travel WithMe is available on Facebook, at and on Google Wave and features more than 15,000 attractions, 120,000 hotels and 24,000 hostels.

Users can invite other people to their trip, and they can all see which attractions or accommodation the others are looking at, as well as being able to add items of interest, and drag and drop them into a calendar. 

Created by Columbus Internet, the Facebook version allows users to invite any of their Facebook friends to join the trip. 

When adding people to the trip in the web-version, users enter a name for themselves and the people they want to invite and Travel WithMe creates a unique web-link which leads directly to the shared trip.

A downloadable, personalised guidebook is created with a page for each of the attractions including detailed maps.

Information on hotels is provided by, while budget accommodation is provided by, both with online bookablility.

Users can also check out the area surrounding their accommodation using Google Street View.

The company’s CEO Andrew Sitterman said: “Travel WithMe is perfectly adapted for the social-media generation, letting people plan trips together.

“We’re also really proud to be providing the first application on the web which lets people do this together in real-time.”


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