Mobile tops Wired editor’s pick of digital trends

Consumers are emotionally attached to their mobile devices and no longer view them as just a piece of technology.

This psychological connection to the devices will fuel the growth of mobile and make it bigger than anyone has anticipated.

Giving his top 10 digital trends at Affiliate Window’s ‘Future of Digital’ event Wired editor David Rowan said mobile would be ‘transformative’ for many reasons.

Geo-location will also be transformative, he said, with services such as FourSquare changing how we engage with brands.

Other trends Rowan touched on included ‘radical transparency’ where there are no longer any secrets and company executives are forced to be honest.

“You also have to be alert to what people are saying about you on the networks and respond sensitively.

“It’s the end of privacy as we know it. Most people don’t care about it but there are consequences. We are giving data away but what happens when you want to reinvent yourself?”

Rowan went on to talk about increasingly targeted and personalised marketing and how advertising would be replaced by ‘engagement hunting’.

He pointed to Barclaycard and its iPhone waterslide game and Blendtec’s as examples of how companies are grabbing our attention.

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