GTMC 2010: News from the business travel conference

GTMC logo - Guild of Travel Management CompaniesIan Taylor reports from the Guild of Travel Management Companies Conference in Hong Kong


 >Virgin: No UK capacity hike, and fares to rise
    UK air capacity will not return to 2007 levels “any time soon”, the airline has warned


 >Coalition government ‘would increase lobbying pressure’
    A coalition government could require double the effort in industry lobbying


 >High speed rail not coming fast
    Political commitment to a high-speed rail network may not translate into speedy development


 >Distribution failures holding up rail growth
    The boom in business rail travel has yet to be matched by developments on GDSs


 >Commission down, bonding up for rail sales
    Agents face commission cuts and a requirement for sales to be covered by a bond or insurance


 >Agents buck unbundling trend to go full service
    Nine out of ten travel management companies are offering ‘full service’ airline bookings to clients

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