TTI: Operators to blame for Viewdata’s lingering death

Travel technology companies are ready to switch off viewdata but are being held back by tour operators.

Speaking at TTI’s ‘Agents Advancing’ conference Comtec head of customer relationships Paul Middleton said the company was working to remove legacy systems from the experience.

“Viewdata is difficult to get away from. It’s a good selling tool for agents but we have moved forward in being able to support non-viewdata suppliers. Our experience is that we are going to switch it off so it is managing that with tour operators.”

Fellow panellist Dolphin Dynamic president Roberto da Re said there were some companies which were trying to move away from viewdata.

“When will XML be embraced? Nothing is going to change until the tour operators change the technology they have.”
Long-haul specialist Kuoni axed viewdata in December 2006.


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