Traveller journey ‘ripe for innovation’, says Amadeus poll

The traveller journey is ripe for technological innovation according to a poll by distribution giant Amadeus.

The company surveyed more than 2,700 travel professionals worldwide to gauge their opinions on the current industry trends.

While there has been much development around search and booking technology as well as in back end administration systems, respondents felt that there was a need for more innovation around the actual trip.

Amadeus vice president Ian Wheeler said none of the current innovations around mobile had cracked what the traveller wants.

The research also highlighted opportunities presented by the advent of the ‘Amateur Expert’ traveller, who has become as knowledgeable as many agents by carrying out the same search routes online.

73% of those surveyed felt the ‘Amateur Expert’ was a source of new opportunities for the travel industry.

The research also revealed that the industry is likely to be segmented into many niches driven by more knowledgeable and demanding consumers.

Travel companies’ revenue no longer follows the 80/20 sales rule, and 38% of respondents said 80% of their revenue was spread over 60% of products
Wheeler said companies would also be catering for a larger percentage of travellers from the emerging BRIC economies and specialist holiday areas such as adventure, wedding and religious interest holidays would continue to grow.

Amadeus has just unveiled its Affinity Shopper technology, which enables travellers to search more intuitively rather than within the confines of date and destination. The development is part of a suite of ‘Extreme Search’ tools the company will be announcing in the coming months.

Further findings reveal a third of respondents believe virtual reality will soon have the biggest impact on the travel experience. Three-quarters of respondents said not everyone would be booking their holidays online, and the demand for agents would increase as consumers seek more interesting travel experiences.

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