Cheapflights growth puts it in tech 100

Cheapflights is the only business to feature for a sixth successive time in the annual TechTrack 100 report published this week.

The study ranks UK private businesses by sales growth over the past three years. Cheapflights’ unaudited sales for 2008 came in at £26.3 million, giving it a three-year growth rate of 50.2%. Its sales in 2007 were worth £21 million.

The business attracted 78 million visits to its websites in 2008.

Last year’s TechTrack 100 study featured travel technology business Blue Sky Travel Systems and online agent Neither made this year’s top 100, for which the cut-off growth figure was 38%.

However, a number of digital and search-engine marketing businesses featured in the top 100 this time, with Greenlight coming 12th in the overall list after sales of £11.3 million for 2007-08 gave it a growth rate over three years of 101%. Steak Media was 13th with sales of £27 million giving it a growth rate of 98%.

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