Co-Op Travel integrates Holidays brand online

The Co-Operative Travel‘s recently launched tour operator brand, Co-operative Holidays, is now available and bookable online through the Co-op’s main travel web site.

The 2010 brochure product is included within the general “holiday search” function on

Results for the Co-op product will appear alongside dynamically packaged products and other tour operator product which the Co-op sells.

The ATOL-protected dynamically packaged holidays, which are created by Traveltek, are illustrated from its own branded products in the search results with different Co-operative logos.

There is also an “exclusives” tab on the home-page which will only search for the  Co-operative Holidays products.

There is also an online version of the summer 2010 brochure.

E-commerce manager Neil Hardy said that Co-operative Holidays is being promoted by a PPC campaign.

However, he acknowledged that is fairly low-key at the moment.

Within the first week of launch, the online brochure was the fifth most visited page on the Co-operative Travel site, he said.

“We sent out an email to those customers on our database who had opted in, which would explain the volume of traffic we got, but it was more than we were expecting,” he added.

Looking ahead, Hardy said that no decision had yet been taken on whether the Co-op tour operator product would be offered to third parties.

“In terms of the technology, it could be made available to anyone who uses the Traveltek platform, but it’s a commercial decision which hasn’t been decided yet.”

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