Mantic Point creates content tool for SMEs

Mantic Point has developed a service enabling small to medium sized travel companies to send itineraries and travel information to their customers’ mobile phones for free.
The service lowers the barriers to entry for smaller companies looking to exploit the mobile channel and enables them to brand any information they send to their customers’ mobile phones.
This is the latest phase in Mantic Point’s SME strategy and based on its StreamThru platform.
Managing director Mike Atherton said: “This allows the smaller travel businesses to have quick and easy access to a mobile phone service – something most travellers are coming to expect as part of their package.” 
“The other real value of sending travel itineraries to a mobile phone is that customers can avoid having to carry around lots of paperwork and will always have access to their travel details.”
To access the information, customers open up a link on their phone while they are traveling. It also gives them access to other enhanced content such as flight updates, traffic reports, airport information, travel guides and weather forecasts.

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