Airlines not ‘owning’ reputations online

Global airlines are failing to manage their online reputation effectively according to new research.

The study, from US-based online branding specialist RepRelations, on ten of the world’s largest airlines, shows carriers are not ranking highly on Google or taking advantage of new media including YouTube.

Of the airlines only Continental, American and British Airways own seven out of the top 10 Google results while others such as Ryanair and Lufthansa only own up to three.

The majority of airlines scored a ‘C’ overall based on a number of criteria including negative results on Google, strength of the negative versus positive results, number of websites in the top 10 results owned by the airline and presence and placement of YouTube or other video service.

BA and AA tied for second place in the research, scoring a ‘B-‘, while Southwest Airlines was the only carrier to score an ‘A-‘. Ryanair, meanwhile, came off worst, scoring and ‘F-‘.

RepRelations vice president of marketing David Goldman stressed the need for airlines to have a reputation management strategy because of how prone to incidents they are. He added however that only about two of the carriers do have a strategy.

Goldman also said there was significant opportunity for airlines to take control of their Google rankings and improve their online reputation.

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