Generation Y will rather axe ‘extras’ than stay at home

Young people are more likely to cut back on extras than holiday at home says new research from STA Travel commissioned for its 30th Birthday.

The youth travel specialist has revealed more than 60% of 18 to 35 year olds are unlikely to give up their holiday abroad even if it’s only for a week.

Travellers are prepared to forego shopping, clubbing and expensive meals for a better holiday experience. Almost half said they would forfeit shopping abroad and 38% said they would save on nightclub entry and bars.

STA has also reported a 10% rise in sales of adventure tours as travellers seek more from their holiday than just sunbathing. The current top selling destinations are Australia and Asia with the biggest growth coming from Africa.

The company has also witnessed increased bookings to China, Vietnam and Brazil demonstrating that long-haul is still on the cards for many.

In separate research, STA has noted a trend in travellers setting themselves ‘see-by’ deadlines and seeking out more off-the-beaten track destinations to show off to friends and family back home.

The trend has been dubbed ‘dinner party tourism’, with 40% of holidaymakers wanting to discover little-known destinations and write about them on Facebook or Twitter before their peers.

The study from the Future Laboratory claimed the internet had increased awareness and knowledge of new destinations and experiences which had boomed due to the reduced cost of long-haul travel.

Tremayne Carew Pole, founder Hedonist travel guides, said: “It is part of dinner party tourism. Aspirational travel is all about creating stories, which in turn are about competing with the person who only went to Barcelona. These days people want to see as many places as possible in a lifetime.”

STA’s branches are also experiencing a significant increase in footfall as people look for face-to-face advice on getting the best value for money.
John Constable, STA’s group managing director, said: “Although there is clearly a demand for holidays in Britain this year we’re seeing that our customers are not prepared to give up their trips abroad. Young people still want their time away and experiences they can’t have at home.”

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