Progress Fuse selected by Sabre Holdings for uptime solution

Progress Fuse selected by Sabre Holdings for uptime solution

Progress Software Corporation, a leading provider of application infrastructure software to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications, today announced that Sabre Holdings, whose businesses include Travelocity, Sabre Travel Network and Sabre Airline Solutions, has selected the Progress FUSE open source product family as part of the underlying technology to ensure continuous uptime and customer ease of use within its integration platform, known as the Sabre Supplier-Side Gateway.

The Supplier-Side Gateway leverages FUSE’s stability and standards-based approach to simplify real-time integration with SABRE’s supplier’s systems.

With a peak volume of 32,000 transactions per second on its open systems and legacy host, Sabre wanted the flexibility of open source technology from a strong community like the Apache Software Foundation along with the level of testing, support and quality of service (QoS) that Progress’ open source products guarantee.

Sabre Holdings has deployed several solutions, including FUSE ESB based on Apache ServiceMix , FUSE Message Broker based on Apache ActiveMQ, and FUSE Mediation Router based on Apache Camel.

These are tested, certified and fully supported releases of the Apache Software Foundation’s leading service oriented architecture (SOA) open source projects.

“Our main goal at Sabre is maintaining continuous uptime and stability and flexibility for our partners,” said Robert Wiseman, CTO at Sabre.

“When evaluating solutions, we recognized that FUSE ESB was designed at its core to support standards that would allow for a pluggable architecture so that our partners could continue to use their preferred solutions.  We selected Progress based on its dedication to deliver and support industry standards-based pluggable architecture and its focus on providing the highest quality products to meet all of its customers’ demands.”

Sabre achieves two distinct advantages with the deployment of the open source FUSE products.  First, because FUSE is open source, Sabre has access to the source code and are protected against vendor lock-in.  Secondly, as the FUSE products strictly adhere to industry standards, Sabre software developers have a flexible solution that can easily adapt in a rapidly changing industry.

Each FUSE open source product is based on an open source project developed in the Apache community.  In conjunction with Progress’ own dedication to the Apache community, in which FUSE engineers work on key Apache SOA projects, Sabre’s developers are also actively involved in the Apache projects and community, enhancing the deployment and use of the FUSE line of products.

“Progress is committed to solving mission critical problems with standards-based solutions,” said Ken Rugg, general manager and vice president of Integration Infrastructure products, Progress Software.

“Sabre is able to deploy a flexible, open source solution with FUSE while knowing that there is an enterprise software company with a proven track record backing the solution.”

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