Top Tips to Improve Website Performance

First of four Travolution-hosted seminars at the Travel Technology Show 2009.

Presented by David Flower of Gomez

Efficient Engine Room – Top Tips to Improve Website Performance

#1 – Customer Accessibility
Research your target markets. What countries/social groups/age categories are you targeting? How do they access your web site? Are they on fast broadband or slow dial up? Are they connecting by mobile or PC? What browsers are they using? Can your web site perform well enough for your target market?

#2 – Baseline & Benchmark
Baseline your web site so you understand how your site performs. Don’t waste valuable investments before you know the impact. What is your performance across the range of ways customers can access you? Your homepage may be fast but what about the check out basket? Measure how do you fair against your competitor and do this over a long period of time. Are you getting better or worse and how are your competitors performing over time?

#3 – Test and Test Again
Validate that your potential customers view your web page as intended? As demand increases on your site, ensure that client expectations are not impacted through site performance degradation. Before you launch that brand new promotional offer make sure you can cope with demand. Test load in a controlled environment. Test it outside the firewall and from the perspective of the end-user.

#4 – Analyse & Correlate
Integrate findings from other systems such as Web Analytics. Create measurable metrics & monitor them – such as User satisfaction, Competed Transactions, SLAs, Brand Consistency. Align Business and IT around common goals and objectives. And remember if you can’t monitor it, you can’t measure it!!

#5 – Don’t Stop
Set on-going performance monitoring that measures your performance constantly and that of your competitor. Set up IT Performance (Alerting) to help spot problems early and don’t wait until you start losing business. Measure the true End-User experience in real live scenarios so that you understand the real customer experience of your target customers in your target markets.

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