Teletext Holidays wins second brand bidding case against Directline Holidays

Teletext Holidays has settled legal proceedings against Directline Holidays for the second time following a dispute over brand name bidding on Google.

The move stops Directline from paying for sponsored links using Teletext brand names.

The second case came about after Directline supposedly breached an original case in the summer of 2008.

Matt Cheevers, managing director, Teletext Holidays said: “The fact that Directline Holidays have undertaken not to use the terms ‘Teletext’ or ‘Teletext Holidays’ in perpetuity vindicates the stance we have taken.

“The order means that Directline will not be able to use our brand terms for any reason on their websites or in the coding for their websites and is sufficient for us to be certain that there will be no further un-authorised use by them.

“We do not bid on others protected brand terms and have spent many years establishing our brands in the travel marketplace, accordingly, we will always defend our trade marks when we feel they are being undermined or threatened.”

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