Agency runs translation trial on Jordan tourism site

Search and online marketing specialist Oban Multilingual has unveiled an experiment looking at how different cultures respond to online content.

Focusing on the Jordanian tourism website, Oban is seeking to discover the different reactions to varied content from French and German visitors.
Oban is using its recently developed testing software enabling administrators to track reactions to website variations in a live environment.
The company is also employing native language copywriters, translators and researchers to create the content in French and German. In addition, a Jordanian researcher and analyst will devise and advise on content for the site. 
The process has involved the creation of a Jordanian tourism site with French and German domains. Using the new technology Oban is tracking the number of times visitors take part in the call to action – registering for a Guide to Jordan brochure.

The aim is to create a website that varies its content every time a new visitor comes to the site while the software tracks which version leads to the most registrations for the brochure.

The results of the trial are to be released in early January.

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