Isango plans big push into France

Experiences and activities specialist isango has unveiled a French language version of the service just three months after the launch of its dedicated site for the German market. 

According to the company this latest service has been developed in response to demand from French travel companies seeking a way to provide new products to consumers in an efficient way.

Partners such as hotel giant Accor will be able to offer inspirational destination content on their gold label sites to online visitors as well as the cross-sell opportunities the service provides.

Isango believes it could be well placed to take advantage of the current economic environment because it offers a plug and play solution with more than 10,000 different experiences and tours across the globe.

This latest language site mirrors the German service with an offering dedicated to French consumers in line with the country’s e-commerce regulations with tour and activity products from across the world in French.

Isango vice president of Europe Daniele Beccari said: “Translating our offering is expensive, but not difficult. The complexity lies in sourcing products suitable for the market audience and meeting local regulations.”

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