Sabre saves $500K through in-house social network

Cubeless, a social networking platform for businesses built by Sabre Holdings, has saved the firm at least half a million dollars in its first year.

The platform came out of Sabre’s innovation lab, Sabre Studios, and was devised in response not only to its increasingly global workforce but also ‘non-traditional officing’.

Four months ago, it took the platform to the market by offering it to other corporations. American Express was its first major client. All activity on cubeless takes place behind the corporate firewall, ensuring that companies and employees are not sharing information with competitors.

Cubeless has offered a number of examples of how the product can be used. One business saved $3,000 by posting a message requesting an Italian speaker to help with a sales lead. The translator was found quickly, saving the cost of hiring an external specialist at short notice.

Sabre insists that there is ‘interpersonal capital’ to its platform as well as bottom-line benefits. It refers to an example of a UK-based worker whose daughter lost her mobile phone while backpacking in central America. Within half an hour of posting a request for help, she received eight responses from co-workers in the country where the phone was lost.

The platform can also help relationships within a corporation. Someone posted a message asking for advice on counting laps while swimming; one of the responses came from the company’s CEO.

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