‘Facebook’ for cruise community launched

‘Facebook’ for cruise community launched

Inside Cruise has relaunched, introducing brand new and exciting social networking features to its cruise information portal.

Inside Cruise has become the first UK website to fuse social networking with cruise information. It was only a matter of time that this gap was filled considering the cruise industry is growing at a fast pace and not a day goes by where people aren’t logging onto their Facebook accounts.

Members can now set up their own home page, interact with other shipmates, make friends, share cruise experiences, join clubs, add events and even give each other a cheeky nudge now and again.

Inside Cruise has merged these exciting new features with its existing site to provide cruise news, articles and ship information with the latest member reviews, photos and videos.

Web editor Laura Scott: “The response from our members to the new features on Inside Cruise has been really positive.

“The site’s popularity is growing from strength to strength, and these great new features make Inside Cruise a true cruising community.”

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