My Week – Francesa Ecsery

Normally, my average week comprises meetings, speaking engagements, balancing budgets and other masses of professional creativity.

But at the moment my days consist of being a General Manager during the day and a wedding planner during every other spare minute of my life.

Last week life started off a little differently.

I attended the ABTA conference in Gran Canaria and travelled back to London seated beside the Associated Press correspondent on Thursday afternoon.

You’d think I could relax after that, but sadly not as I had to meet with the wedding photographer who took one look at me post conference and suggested that I might want to hire a professional hair and make up person for my big day – hmm, thanks!

On comes the weekend where my primary goals are to sleep in, do a proper yoga session and catch up with friends.  And of course, continue my role as a wedding planner which, this past weekend, comprised a pre-wedding photo shoot in the park infused with some God parenting afterwards.

Let’s start with the park, where the sun was gloriously blazing away, an occurrence for which I am normally grateful, but served as a hindrance to my photo shoot. In brief, it wasn’t easy trying to look relaxed and loving with the sun burning a hole in my cornea while my head was spinning with the long list of ‘to do’ items before the wedding.

And now over to the God parenting – I was home expecting the arrival of my Goddaughter, a 16 year old who came with instructions which read, “Please book for highlights, haircut, nail gels and supply with new coat from Topshop.” I don’t have children, but I found the experience interesting as I witnessed my Goddaughter cake herself with make up for a night out with the friend accompanying her.

Although I permitted them to leave the house in their respective Paris Hilton get ups, I had set a curfew and upon their return witnessed their transformation into pyjama clad children enjoying cartoons. The spectrum of extremes was truly ironic!

The one thing I have yet to mention is perhaps the most integral part of my day, ruling my mornings, evenings and on the weekends, my afternoons as well. She is my dog Tickle who has mama’s attention every morning for her breakfast and morning walk and every evening for her dinner and night walk. Tickle is a Dachshund who’s been part of my life for nine years and I love her to bits. 

Oh yes, I’m also taking German lessons for work. I can now count to 1,000 and take numbers down over the phone. A little thin on the vocabulary perhaps, but one has to start somewhere right?

That’s my life in a nutshell. If I had to encapsulate it, ultimately I’d say – it’s all about the dog. 

Francesca Ecsery is UK general manager for Cheapflights

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