Kayak to relaunch Travelpost review site by end of 2008

is working on a project to relaunch review site Travelpost at the beginning of December.

Travelpost was acquired as part of Kayak’s purchase of rival Sidestep at the beginning of this year.

Over the past three months the review site has been changed over to a Java-based system so that it has the same user interface as Kayak.

The next step is to make Travelpost more personal and relevant for users so that they only get review information from like-minded people.

Kayak has just enhanced its UK service with several new functions aimed at helping travellers get the best value.

The comparison site has unveiled a Fuel Cost Calculator estimating the total cost of petrol per trip and adding it to the daily rate of each car option so that consumers can compare car-hire companies and car classes.

The technology also enables consumers to search for cars based on fuel efficiency and including hybrid vehicles.

The calculator comes on top of the ‘Flight Quality’ feature added a few weeks ago, which highlights factors that might make a flight less attractive for consumers.

Filters within the site enable consumers to exclude certain flights or aircraft as well as choose preferred stopover airports and acceptable stopover duration.

Kayak.com is also flagging certain flights within the results with a “Flight Quality Warning.”

Symbols reveal elements such as short connection time or terrible on-time record or red-eye flight that might help consumers make a decision. Text explaining the warning will appear as the mouse hovers over the symbol.

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